Welcome to My New Home  
September 11, 2009


Welcome to my new home on the web.  Come on in and have a look around!  This has been quite a learning experience, designing this site and getting it up and running. Jumping over from my old home at Blogger was a little bit scary, but thanks to the brilliant people at Squarespace, it has been a lot of fun.  If you're a blogger and you don't know about Squarespace, you might want to check them out.  It's a blogging/web site platform that is incredibly customizable and will also host your site.  It's amazing the control you have over your design, without having to know HTML or CSS coding, or depending on a designer for every little change.   And, besides, they're just so darn nice! 

So browse around and let me know what you think!

Note: If you have this site bookmarked, please remember to update it.  If you are subscribed, you don't need to do a thing.  

I have a lot of delicious recipes coming up, so let's get cooking!

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