Homemade Winter Candle
December 16, 2011
[Elaine] in Christmas

I've been having so much fun with this little DIY project that I had to share it with all of you because I know you will love it, too.  These beautiful "snow" candles are pretty, easy and cheap to make.

I saw this on Pinterest, where I get the best ideas.  Don't know about Pinterest? Be warned.  It's highly addictive but it's not a waste of time - you glean a lot of great things off that site.  I've found a lot of recipes, gifts, DIY projects and decorating ideas from it. I wish I used the site before I remodeled my master bathroom - I could have really gotten some great design ideas.  

For these candles, you use cheap Mason jars, Epsom salts and little candles.  I tied some ribbon and an ornament around mine.  I tried the candles using just regular candles and then candles that come in glass holders.  The candles in glass holders worked much, much better - they burned for hours and the wax didn't run all over the epsom salts. 


I could see making these candles up, putting on the mason jar lids and giving them out as gifts.  They would be pretty presented in a nice basket.  I can also see using them outdoors in place of luminaries on the sidewalk.  Or out back on the patio in the summer.  

Have fun!  And don't forget to check out Pinterest!

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