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My Mom, Angela, and my brother, George, in Naples


Welcome to my blog and my kitchen! My name is Elaine Schurr McCardel and I live in Michigan.

My mother, Angela, was from Italy and I guess I just have that Italian gene in me - I love to feed people. I began this blog to teach people how to cook. It pains me that so many people do not cook for themselves and instead order carryout five nights a week. Cooking from scratch is much easier than most people think.  It's healthier and cheaper. Subscribe to this site and cook along with me - I'll show you how.  

I love photography and, in a previous life, was a painter. My food photography enables me to really show you how to create things, step by step.  Developing my own recipes is just another way to fill a canvas. I hope you enjoy what I love so much - cooking for people and the joy of the table.


In Italy, enjoying Sorrento!

Since starting this blog, I have met some amazing people, connected with other food bloggers and received e-mails, literally, from readers all over the world.  Thanks to all of you.

Because of the large number of e-mails I receive every day,
I cannot respond to each and every one.  I do try,
but I hope you understand. 

You can contact me at: 

You can connect with me via Facebook and Twitter:


To see my more of my food photography, go to my Flickr Food Shots.



  I live with Brian, my husband and we have three sons, Barry, Nick and Nathan. 


Want to see some paintings?


I'm also a lover of knitting. You can find me on Ravelry as "italiandishknits":



Or, if you're really into knitting, you can hop on over to my knitting blog, "Italian Dish Knits".