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Lemon Capri Cocktail

Bodum Espresso Glasses


This little drink is the perfect after dinner treat.  We have all this great homemade limoncello that we made and this drink makes use of that, especially if you don't like to drink the limoncello straight.  It has only three ingredients - chilled espresso, limoncello and cream and it tastes a little like a milkshake. 


you can serve the Lemon Capris in little shot glasses

Since this post involves espresso, I want to take this opportunity to talk about some ways we love to make espresso.  I've had a lot of bad espresso made by big fancy machines.  I've had terrible espresso after dinner in restaurants.  And, of course, I've had terrific espresso in Italy.  We used to have one of those espresso makers that was complicated and used ground beans and you had to measure everything out and then clean up the grounds.  Brian got sick of it and told me to go out and "buy one of those pod machines we saw at Williams Sonoma".   No way could that thing make good espresso, I thought.  But I bought it anyway and was floored.  It made great espresso and there was no measuring or cleanup. Plus it makes a regular cup of delicious coffee. We absolutley loved it.  It was brilliant. It made unbelievable crema. It's a Nespresso maker - we currently have a black CitiZ.  They are common in Europe. My opinion on the quality of espresso it makes was validated when I read an article by Colman Andrews (who knows a thing or two about food and drink).  He is in love with his Nespresso machine.


our current machine - Nespresso CitiZ with Milk Frother


I admit Brian and I want to take ours when we travel, we miss it so much when we stay elsewhere.  What I do take when we travel is this ingenious device called a Handpresso, along with some Illy pods, which makes pretty good espresso together.  All you need is hot water. You just pump it up like a bicycle pump and it creates the pressure to make a shot of espresso! They have even put together a whole travel set, complete with hot water thermos and unbreakable little espresso cups!  What a great gift that would make for an espresso lover.  You can buy just the regular Handpresso with a travel case (which is what we have) here

regular Handpresso and Travel Handpresso Set


Lemon Capri Cocktail

for a printable recipe, click here

makes 2 drinks


  • 2 tablespoons cream
  • 2 tablespoons chilled espresso
  • 2 tablespoons limoncello, chilled
  • lemon peel for garnish


Mix all ingredients together and pour into shot glasses.  Garnish with a lemon peel.

make ahead tip:  You can mix up a batch of these ahead of time and refrigerate them in a little pitcher and then pour them into serving glasses when you are ready. 



Announcement:  I am going to be giving a Pizza Making Class in my home on Sunday, October 21st.  Click the "Cooking Classes" tab in my Nav Bar for more information or to sign up to be notified of any cooking classes.


Basil Lime Cocktail

Yes, I still have a lot of basil.  After making so much pesto, and Caprese Salad with it, it's time for a cocktail.  I figured the freshness of basil would be great with the freshness of the limes we love so much.  

This cocktail is made with simple syrup, which is commonly used to sweeten cocktails.  Just adding sugar in your cocktail can be a bit grainy but making a simple syrup solves this problem. To make a simple syrup all you do is boil equal amounts of sugar and water together until the sugar dissolves.  Then stick it in the refrigerator to cool. That's all there is to it. It is very easy to do and so worth it. In the recipe I use a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of sugar. That will actually make a dozen cocktails.  Although there is a little simple syrup in this drink, it is not real sweet.

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Your New Summer Cocktail: The Collinzano

Doesn't this look refreshing? While we were in Chicago for our son's graduation last month, we ate at an Italian restaurant which served a cocktail that I had never heard of.  I was curious because it contained Aperol, the Italian liquor that I wrote about previously. This cocktail is delicious and just right for an evening on the patio!

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